Wednesday, September 4, 2013

TV shows recorded with a retweet

While there are some detractors who believe that social media activity doesn’t translate into sales, there are others trying to find ways to monetize online interactions. We’ve already seen Soldsie enable its users to purchase items with a facebook comment, and now Brazil’s SKY television subscription service has launched #SkyRec, allowing Twitter users to record shows with a retweet. Created in collaboration with AgênciaClick Isobar, the aim of the service is to engage the increasing portion of TV viewers who are being distracted by the internet. Customers are first required to log into their SKY account through the company’s website, in order to link their membership details with their Twitter handle. The service’s Twitter account tweets regularly about upcoming shows and customers who see a tweet about a show they want to record simply retweet the message, along with the hashtag #SkyRec. The user’s home recording device will then be automatically configured to record the program.

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