Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Web-connected signpost offers dynamic news, info and directions

Tech firm BREAKFAST have been covered on these pages before, after the launch of the Instaprint – a device for events that automatically prints images from Instagram hashtag feeds in real time. Returning with another blend of offline and online innovation, the team has now created Points, a web-enabled public signpost that provides dynamic directions, as well as location-relevant news and information from online feeds. On the surface, Points looks like a traditional street signpost, with three arms acting as a navigation aid for passersby. Instead of remaining static, however, the arms are connected to a rotor mechanism allowing them to swing around to point in different directions. Each arm also has its own LED display, capable of showing illuminated text and symbols. Through a panel below the signs, users can select the type of information they’d like to see, such as local food vendors, the nearest transport options, and even trending Twitter hashtags for nearby events. The device uses an accelerometer and GPS to accurately position its pointers and keeps track of news and social media feeds to provide the most up-to-date information.

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